The Boston-area company is transforming the modern workplace with their new, cloud-based employee well-being and engagement platform designed for the small to mid-sized business market.

Marblehead, MA – June 29, 2018

Today WorkLife Assistant announced the launch of its new well-being and engagement platform designed to help employees live well and work better. The first of its kind technology solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized employers, WorkLife Assistant empowers employees with the tools and resources necessary to manage their individual lifestyle needs and maximize their ability to thrive in the workplace. Founded on five key principles of total well-being (mind, body, relationships, money and career), the company strives to alleviate the burdens typically carried by employees in their personal lives that often affect their job performance.

Platform users have access to a variety of interactive features, including on-demand courses, customized plans, coaching options, activity tracking capabilities, interactive challenges, and an educational resources library that will help them achieve their personalized goals. WorkLife Assistant is unique in that it has aggregated a broad range of solutions onto a single, user-friendly online platform providing simplified outsourced administration to ensure employee privacy and engagement delivered at a lower cost for the SMB employer.

WorkLife Assistant’s mission is to combat a growing threat to business organizations – employee stress. This stress, which can be caused by a wide variety of factors, leads to diminished productivity, increased absenteeism, higher employee turnover, lower employee morale, and more. Alternatively, a happy, healthy and engaged workforce can reduce costs by more than $1,600 per employee per year while reducing sick days, improving sales, improving productivity and improving accuracy.

Unfortunately, modern day wellness and engagement programs have been too limited to address all stress drivers, and as a result, far too many employees remain stressed and disengaged. This is where WorkLife Assistant’s opportunity and competitive advantage lies. “We have yet to find anything currently in the small to mid-size market quite like what we’ve envisioned and built for WorkLife Assistant and are confident that our offering will only continue to grow in demand,” says CEO, Don Rowe. WorkLife Assistant aims to challenge the current perception of well-being and engagement by taking a holistic approach to improving the employee experience, both in and out of the workplace.

To learn more about WorkLife Assistant, or how you can incorporate it into your organizations benefits offering, contact Don Rowe by phone (781.309.5495) or email (, or visit

About WorkLife Assistant

Founded in 2017 in Marblehead, MA, WorkLife Assistant’s mission is to help improve the quality and productivity of today’s workforce. WorkLife Assistant delivers a cloud-based platform that provides centralized and curated resources for small to mid-size employers to help promote the overall well-being, engagement, and productivity of their workforce.

The platform leverages on-demand tools based on five key principles of well-being to holistically support employees in managing many of the stressors in their lives and enable them to thrive personally and professionally. By creating a happier, healthier and more engaged workforce, employers can help reduce unnecessary costs typically associated with stress including turnover, sick days and lost productivity.

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