While today’s healthy economy is putting more and more Americans to work, employers of all sizes continue to struggle to address a pervasive corporate challenge: engaging their employees.

In a recent study conducted by performance management leader, Gallup, they cite just 33% of U.S. employers as engaged at work. Companies need their people to not only be present on the job, but to also be focused and productive in their work.

This can prove difficult, however, when employees are dealing with various stress factors in both their personal and professional lives, like managing finances, health risks, or caregiver responsibilities. As employees struggle to balance the demands of both work and life, it becomes easier for distractions and resentment to seep in, deterring productivity, the opportunity for a positive workplace culture, and the general success of the organization.

So, what can employers to do address this issue of disengagement?


One solution they are increasingly turning to is well-being.


In a 2017 Virgin Pulse survey of 600 HR and benefits leaders, 87% of respondents stated that they currently or plan to invest in employee well-being as part of their employee engagement strategy, with 97% of respondents agreeing that well-being positively influences engagement.


These new initiatives are not to be confused with traditional wellness programs that tend to make physical health and cost-cutting their main priority and have caused them to wane in popularity. Today’s well-being solutions have evolved to address the whole person, beyond simply their role as an employee.


Studies have shown that nearly 60% of employees would like to improve their mental and physical well-being, but only 23% say that they feel fully supported by their company in these areas.  With 75% stating that among their goals is achieving a healthy work/life balance, and 78% wanting to genuinely enjoy their work, it is clear that employees want to be more engaged, but lack the proper guidance.


WorkLife Assistant is a cloud-based, employee well-being and engagement platform that empowers employees with the resources necessary to manage their individual lifestyle needs and maximize their ability to thrive in the workplace. Our solution targets five principles of well-being that include mind, body, relationships, money and career, to ensure a broad and holistic experience towards improving each employees’ unique “worklife.”

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