Today’s business environment is marked by a lightning fast pace of change that takes some real effort just to keep up.  Leadership needs to be agile and resilient to manage diverse populations with widely varied needs and keep everyone aligned to company strategy and plans.

Several market trends are driving this workforce evolution, including these:

  • There is an increased number of virtual employees
  • An expanded use of technology and digital platforms
  • Broad age spread and range of ethnic backgrounds
  • The need for ongoing skills training and learning
  • More job-hopping, especially with younger workers

On that last point, Gallup reports that individuals between 21 and 38 change jobs three times more often than others and a new Deloitte survey says 43% of young workers aim to leave their job within the next couple years, compared to 38% last year.

This puts added pressure on leadership to create an appealing and engaging work environment, where personal and career purpose can lead to positive job satisfaction.

We’re seeing many companies, especially start-ups and early stage firms, take extra steps to make their workplace fun and enjoyable for all, with free lunch and snacks, ping pong tables, sponsored happy hours, volunteer days, and many other imaginative events to keep things fresh and interactive.

Some organizations may think that these type of events are good enough to create an atmosphere that rewards and retains staff, but they should be thought of more as icing on the cake.

To be truly effective, companies need to have a strong and clearly defined business strategy, and an equally powerful people strategy.

Given the market trends noted above and the fact that many organizations have internal structures that can make it difficult for some teams and individuals to navigate clearly, it’s essential to provide resources and support that help them feel that they belong and are valued, not only as employees, but as people.

We are now seeing companies offering and actively promoting benefits like resilience training, stress management, flexibility, and various methods of self-care that can ease the burdens of both work and life and reinforce their commitment to employees.

At WorkLife Assistant, we’re dedicated to ensuring that all employers are able to do the same through our cloud-based employee well-being and engagement platform. Our solution targets five principles of well-being, including mind, body, relationships, money and career, to ensure a broad and holistic experience towards improving each employees’ unique “worklife.”

A company is its workforce, and while a leadership’s ability to manage theirs will constantly be challenged, everyone wins when efforts are successful.

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